Automation Systems
Assembly & Inspection

Converting materials into precision parts is not an easy job, it takes great process designing knowledge, adequate machinery set up, many experienced operators and QC inspectors to achieve success in the business.

However, the bottle neck of the converting operation flow is always at the QC inspection stage, where manual workers’ output may not achieve true 100% results and headcount planning is a challenging task. The only solution to these conventional problems is the automated inspection systems that have gain so much market acceptance in the past few years, thanks to its reliability and cost effectiveness.

The next stage, to assemble the converted parts onto another component such as buttons, switches, rubber, displays, speakers and microphones etc. will take up even more headcounts but produce sub 100% yield rate. New concept’s automated assembly (Vision Guided Pick & Place) systems employ both Cartesian and SCARA robots as their prices are very affordable and have also gained wide spread acceptance in the industry.

Robotic based systems are easily reconfigurable and hence it can last much longer than conventional motor-mechanism automation systems in the assembly business. Edehege provide fast investment return, cost-effective and reconfigurable system design automation solutions.

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